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Export Credit Agency Finance
Export Credit Agency Finance
Export Credit Agency Finance

Export Credit Agency Finance

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We will see that ECA programmes focus more on medium to long term trade financing always with the objective of supporting exports from with a high national content of national production.

Export Credit Agencies (ECA's) provide either direct or indirect governmental support to their national export sectors

In this unit you will learn:

- The role of the Export Credit Agency (ECA);
- Supplier and Buyer Credit Strucutres;
- The fundamentals of Warehouse Finance.

Course Outline


1.1 Medium to Long Term Financing

1.2 Market Characteristics

1.3 Long-Term Financing Needs

1.4 Participants in the Market

1.5 Export Credit Agencies

1.6 Export Credit Agencies - Protections


2.1 Supplier Credits (continued)

2.2 Mechanics of the Supplier Credit

2.3 Advantages of Supplier Credit

2.4 Disadvantages of Supplier Credit

2.5 Players and Relationships in Supplier Credit

2.6 Commitment, Draw-down, and Payback in Supplier Credit


3.1 Mechanics of the Buyer Credit

3.2 Advantages and Disadvantages of Buyer Credit

3.3 Players and Relationships in the Buyer Credit

3.4 Commitment, Draw-down, and Payback in a Buyer Credit

3.5 Buyer Credit (Refinancing)

3.6 Comparison: Supplier and Buyer Credits

3.7 Bank Earnings and Fees

3.8 OECD Consensus or Arrangement

3.9 Benefits to Banks

3.10 Export Credit Insurance and the Berne Union

3.11 Benefits of Export Credit Insurance

3.12 Examples of Main ECA Providers and their Mission Statements


Further Reading

1 – OECD Consensus – Arrangement on Officially Supported Export Credits

2 – Disciplining Trade Finance – the OECD Export Credit Arrangement

3 – Export Credit Guarantees, Moral Hazard and Exports Quality

4 – Testing the Trade Credit and Trade Link:

Evidence from Data on Export Credit Insurance

5 – Public Export Guarantees and Foreign Trade Structure

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