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Trade Finance Compliance 1
Trade Finance Compliance 1
Trade Finance Compliance 1

Trade Finance Compliance 1

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DEO-04-AFIT-002 Trade FInance Compliance 1

In ths first of two courses dedicated to the important field of Trade FInance Compliance we will cover the requirements of Trade Finance Complance and will look at what a proper compliance, due dilligence and KYC regime should cover.

Course Outline

1. Introduction to Trade Finance Compliance
 1.1 Is Trade Finance a High Risk Business?
 1.2 The Obligations of Trade Finance Compliance
 1.3 Compliance is not static
2. Trade Finance Risk Evaluation
 2.1.1 Risk Evaluation Assumptions
 2.2.1 Market Sentiment Regarding Trade Finance
 2.2.2 Market Sentiment Regarding Trade Finance
 2.3 Impact of KYC on Financial Crime
 2.4 Is Trade Finance High Risk?
 2.5 Trade Finance are Complex Transactions?
 2.6 Risks Associated with Trade Finance Compliance
 2.7 A suggested Risk Evaluation approach
 2.7.1 Identify the inherent risk
 2.7.2 Identify the existing controls
 2.7.3 Evaluation of the residual risk
3. Approach to Trade Finance Compliance
 3.1 Trade Finance Compliance Model
4. Customer Due Dilligence
 4.1.1 KYC Guidelines
 4.1.2 KYC Guidelines
 4.1.3 KYC Guidelines
5. Documentary Credit Customer Due Dilligence
 5.1 Export Documentary Credit
 5.2 Import Documentary Credit
6. Guarantee/Standby letter of credit Due Dilligence
 6.1 Guarantee Issuance
 6.2 Guarantees – Issuance (based on counter guarantee)
 6.3 Guarantee Advice
7. Documentary Collections Due Dilligence
 7.1 Export Collections
 7.2 Import Collections
Further Reading
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